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Why Choose Staffies

With a lifetime spent around Staffies, growing up with them from a very young age, we've come to discover what gorgeous, friendly and loving animals they truly are. They have the reputation as gruff, tough and, sometimes, dangerous dogs due to the breed being developed as fighting dogs. We know that that's not true. If you give them a chance, their loving, playful nature can't help but come through. We fell in love quickly!








Exercise Needs:

Up to an hour per day.

Ideal Home Size:


Ideal Garden Size:



Once a week

Length of Coat:


Hair shedding:



Over 12 years

Breed Vulnerability:


Town or Country:







“Staffordshire” refers to their place of inception.

They were bred for the fighting pits in the Black Country of Staffordshire and northern Birmingham. They share ancestry with the classic Bull Terrier (AKA the Bulldog) and, crossed with the black and tan terrier, the Staffie was born! Over time, other breed influences have been incorporated, including the Collie, which was introduced to alter the shape of the head.






Breaking Ground

Staffies had a tough job gaining recognition as an official breed, with that not really coming about until the 1930s. they were hampered by their reputation as fighting dogs but, over time, more and more people are coming to understand what wonderful family pets they really make.

If you'd like to know more about the beautiful Staffie, in general, or in terms of what you can expect when you get your own or have your own litter, get in touch through our chat function below or head to our Contact page for more ways to get talking.


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