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If you pick the wrong breeder or stud, when it comes to Staffordshire Bull Terriers, it can be a complicated process, as there is a whole load of things to take into account when bringing a new litter into the world, but with us on your side, we can make it simple. If you've decided to breed your Staffie, it's vital to understand the risks and the costs when breeding your female. We have years of experience breeding the Staffordshire bull terrier and working with the breed to a high standard, so we can guide you through the whole process.

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We'll have a friendly phone call or facetime, in which we discuss which of our boys you want to use, then discuss which boy would complement your female the best, what you intend to do and work out a breeding programme that works for you and your Staffie.


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What we do

We charge a one-off fee of £600, with no hidden costs or undisclosed extras, from when you first decide you want to breed your female to when she comes in season.

We help you with:

  • Scanning her and confirming her pregnancy
  • Delivering the pups and raising the litter
  • All the dos and don'ts and diet recommendations throughout the process
  • The re-homing of your puppies, due to the high demand of our boys' offspring
  • Any offspring you choose to keep
  • Full aftercare after your litter goes
  • Getting your female back in good shape

Once everything has been agreed upon and we have a plan set in place, we can begin your path to producing a healthy, high-quality litter. Get ready to welcome some new pups!





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Contact now through my chat section or by visiting my contact page to talk about what you need and arrange a consultation. You can be sure that, with our help, you'll be rearing the best standard of breed that you possibly can.