Our Latest Multi & International Champion Casa Fernandez Gorila




Introducing Bullscaff Black Champion Casa Fernandez Gorila

BULLSCAFF The Home of Blue Champions / offer you a fully unique packaged professional service and experience that specialises in 5 of the most outstanding stud dogs that you will ever find. We are the most reviewed and experienced stud owners of this generation that have specialised in Staffordshire bull terriers for over 14 years.

Welcome the highest titled exclusive black Stafford in the UK & around the world, Our multi & international black champion blue gene holder CASA FERNADEZ GORILA AT BULLSCAFF , the highest awarded black champion to live in the UK at present, title holder of 9 CHAMPION CERTIFICATES. No other Stafford other than one of our own can match the number of titles this boy holds in the UK!


UK KC Registered - Our boy as won many champion titles such as:

  • Champion Chile
  • Grand champion Chile
  • Champion Argentina
  • Grand champion Argentina
  • Champion Uruguay

  • Grand champion Uruguay
  • International champion
  • Multi champion
  • Ch Latino America
  • Winner of other shows in the USA and Caribbean

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Gorila has an inbreeding score of 1.6% and is 1000% unrelated to any female in the uk as well as any of our current and previous studs so this makes him yet again a great choice for your blue or black girl to reset her bloodline with a black unrelated champion to her to give your self the best chance of having show quality pups!

This beautiful boy has an excellent temperament and lives in our family home, our boy is fully health tested L2HGA - HC-HSF4 clear with all vaccinations, boosters, worming and fleaing kept up to date on a regular basis. He is very intelligent and highly trained both in the home as a family pet and as show dog. He is excellent walking on and off the lead and walks like a true champion which draws the attention of many, he is a natural show stopper.

When looking at Gorila's pedigree you will notice how he as 9 champions in the first 2 generations of his pedigree included him self and his dad these Champions are not lost in the back of the pedigree like most and Gorila also as a outstanding amount of multi champions through out his pedigree so not your average champion which sets this pedigree apart. Gorila holds the blue gene due to a direct parent ( mum ) being blue so bred with a blue female or a black with a blue gene you will get blue and black puppies.

Multi & international champion CASA FERANDEZ GORILA AT BULLSCAFF puppies are exclusive here in England for the first time and he is here to set a new level of quality and standard to this breed. He is the stud that's going to take your breeding program to the next level and that's why we have priced our boy at £800 because we want to keep him exclusive as he offers a great deal more than any other typical stud dog.

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Our Stud Service

Great Value

Should you wish to proceed we will offer you 2 x matings 48 hours apart with the full unconditional support that you deserve throughout your girls pregnancy and birth. Further more with your consent we pride ourselves in providing further support with finding your new puppies there forever home which would involve us giving your details to families that have successfully made it onto the Bullscaff puppy waiting list.

THE STUD FEE IS £800 if paid in full on the first mating or should you wish to choose to use our SECOND OPEN ENDED OPTION you pay £400 on the first mating then £400 on confirmation scan at 30 days pregnant (£800 in total) this fee has been set because of the unrivalled quality and titles that our champion boy is able to pass onto your litters pedigree.

Females that come to our boy score between 3-7% with our boy. (If you struggle with this, please call us and we will help you)

PLEASE NOTE - If your girl doesn't take we will offer you the following mating FREE of charge.

Artificial Insemination

Something else to consider is that we also offer Chilled and Frozen semen shipments throughout the UK (England, Scotland and Wales) which could possibly save you on any lengthy inconvenient costly trips, all we need is 24 hours notice and the name of your licenced Vet who is able to perform the AI.

AI, Chilled and Frozen semen shipments are also available Worldwide upon request.

*Bullscaff has now had success in 14 different Countries, this includes Australia where Piro was the first ever blue stud dog from the UK to have a born litter there. Our previous success has now attributed to our other boys semen also being sent to Australia and around the world.

**Here at Bullscaff we practise what we preach in a loving a home environment. We keep our social media platforms updated for you all to follow our journey and to see for yourselves the quality we are able to bring to the table as well as extensive Knowledge that we are happy to share in order to better the breed that we are so passionate about. Find us on Instagram Facebook


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